Learn how to teach a NEW 'Dance the Elements' bellydance class, and deliver a rich experiential bellydance journey into the Elements - or integrate this knowledge into your own dance practice. Anyone involved in grass roots Egyptian dance, healing through dance or musicality will benefit.

Due to requests from dancers worldwide, I am now offering the 'Dance the Elements' training package online. It is a useful course for students and especially for bellydance teachers.

Knowledge of the A-Z Bellydance Original and AstroBelly Routines is highly recommended. You can ORDER these dvds here. They are posted, and you can learn the routines at leisure.

The Dance the Elements Training Package includes many useful downloads:

*Short intro clip describing the elements

* FULL comprehensive Instructor's Study Manual

* Instructor's Original Music Tracks for Program

* Audio files for your learning & teaching practice

* Colour PDFs - excellent posters or for class

* Bonus 25 minute Yoga for Bellydancers video - a great yoga program to learn.

* The new Pulse8 Elements program is flexible and can be modified to the instructor's taste.

This program is mainly ebook and audio format, so for learning the suggested A-Z or AstroBelly routines, I suggest you buy the dvds, they will be posted to you - they are all discounted now!


Materials include a comprehensive study manual Ebook covering all aspects of the program. You will also get a series of audio files for practice. The 'Elements' music, especially created in Cairo, features Egyptian music for the elements Air, Water, Fire & Earth.

I provide a series of powerful, colour PDFs to illustrate the Elements concept for students - chakras, musicality, energy, reflexology. You also get a professional 25 Minute Yoga for Bellydancers video with UK Yoga instructor, Pareesa. All materials are delivered as digital downloads, so you can study at home at your own pace.

Note: This is not an official instructor training course, but rather an online learning package. I integrate routines from the A-Z Original & Advanced dvds, and the AstroBelly dvd. The dvds are not required, but highly recommended to get the most from this program.

If you have any questions about the Elements package, you can email me. I look forward to sharing this great new program with you!

Keti Sharif


Dance the Elements - Bellydance for Wellbeing
Downloadable Training Package for Instructors and Bellydance Teachers
$180 USD

SPECIAL 5th-12th May Only!
$90 USD

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