About the NEW Pulse8 Elements Program for 2016:      

A NEW Experience
Pulse8 Elements is a 90 minute ritual of wellness and celebration of the dancing body. Participants experience the unique qualities of the four Elements of air, water, fire and earth. The facilitator and participants may create a centrepiece for the class, with a special theme or intention.

Dance the Elements; Bellydance, Yoga and Original Music
Pulse8 Elements targets the body's dynamic energy centres to balance, enliven and restore energy through specific movements. The flowing music, recorded in Egypt for the program, features soulful eastern melodies and earthy percussion for each element, with shifting tempos and rhythms that create a rich dance journey:

- focus on breath, and moves that liberate the body for FREEDOM.
Water - sensual, fluid and flowing moves to enhance FLOW.
Fire - spirited and energetic movement for EXPRESSION.
Earth - grounded, earthy movement for deeper CONNECTION.

Development of Skills, Fitness & Creativity
The gentle integration of A-Z Bellydance, AstroBelly and Hatha Yoga supports skills development, with free-dance to encourage creativity. Flexible and intuitive, it is adaptable to the participant's level - easy to simplify or to add levels of challenge to. Improves fitness, body confidence and co-ordination whilst encouraging creative expression and attention to the essential qualities of the four elements.

Assimilation of Teaching Experience with my NEWEST research
The new program culminates 30 years of my bellydance experience in Egypt and around the world, with three AIF Group Fitness Certifications, and Knoff Yoga Teacher Training. The musical component brings years of research of psychoacoustics and Egyptian music-movement studies. My passion for sacred geometry is incorporated into the new program through both sound and movement. Q's? Contact me by email.


Pulse8 Elements Benefits:

* Enlivens energy centres

* Enriches knowledge of music-movement connection

* Increases fitness

* Improves co-ordination

* Refines bellydance skills

* Boosts creative expression

* Improvise more confidently

* Explore aspects of 'self' by dancing the elements:

- Air (freedom)
- Water (flow)
- Fire (expression)
- Earth (connection)

* Balances body-mind-spirit

* Safe alternatives provided for physical limitations or pre-existing injury

* Pulse8 Elements is fun, offers a variety of movement, and feels great to do!