Dance the Elements - A New Music-Movement Experience for Bellydance!

Hi, I'm Keti. Welcome to the new Pulse8 Elements - a bellydance journey through the four Elements of air, water, fire and earth, for women's wellbeing. Its a 90 minute ritual of wellness that celebrates the dancing body, develops the participant's sense of musicality and enriches movement responses. Or each element can be integarted into any bellydance class, for around 20 minutes.

The fresh new program offers an immersion into sensual bellydance and yoga to music from the heart of Egypt. The music, especially composed in Egypt, reflects the qualities of the Elements. Movements enliven the body's dynamic energy centres, improving fitness, co-ordination and dance skills, whilst enhancing the dancer's awareness of four essential energies: Freedom, Flow, Expression and Connection.

Dance the Elements was inspired by my recent live music-movement research in Cairo, and Elements retreats; experiences that created space for transformational bellydance - the foundation of the new program. We explore Egyptian musicality and rhythms, with a flexible, intuitive approach to benefit all levels. Heart and soul flows throughout the program, from live recordings by Egyptian musicians, to instructors who encourage class participants to develop their own dance expression, through the four Elements.


NEW - Dance the Elements Intsructor's package. Just $180 with many useful materials for bellydance and wellbeing.
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